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Allure Makeup Artistry is a company owned by Asha Ramkissoon who has mastered enhancing and transforming her clients into elegant masterpieces. She is a creative makeup artist, who has taken her natural talent and interest with hair and makeup and has developed her own company that strives to excel in the bridal, fashion, special fx and entertainment industries.

Her career as a makeup artist and young entrepreneur began to develop after she graduated as a certified aesthetician with a business management background from Humber College in Toronto ON.  Since she was a young woman she always had a natural talent with a makeup brush and curling iron. She took her artistic talent to a whole new level and began to do hair and makeup on all her friends and family. With the experience she is now able to use her creative skills and specialize in an industry that allows her to express herself through her work. She has begun her journey in developing a close nit relationship with brides, photographers and many others in the fashion industry.

Asha believes in never giving up on a dream. She has had opportunities to teach one on one with clients who want to learn anything from everyday makeup to wanting to expand and learn something more intricate. She is inspired by every face and personality she encounters. Not only does she take her time to achieve perfection with every individual but she is able to work with every detail her clients’ request. Asha strongly believes that everyone is naturally beautiful, “We are all naturally beautiful, but makeup allows us to enhance our natural beauty so we can look better than we ever have”. The determination and commitment behind Asha allows for perfection in every client. Her professionalism and vibrant up beat personality are an absolute joy to work with, which sets the mood with an amazing experience and focus for what maybe one of the most memorable moments of one’s life.